Charge Cars ’67 EV – Exterior Design

Charge Cars reimagined the 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback into a modern luxury EV, blending vintage allure with cutting-edge technology.

Let’s talk about the exterior design of the Charge Cars EV. n 2019, I was brought in to provide design services to the London based start-up company for their ambitious EV project: the 1967 Fastback Mustang, or also know as the ’67. Collaborating closely with the Design Director, I assumed a pivotal role in managing various aspects of the design development process. Utilizing my considerable expertise, I played a key part in shaping the direction of Charge Cars’ design studio, ensuring alignment with the project’s objectives and the company’s overarching vision.

Charge Cars EV
Charge Cars ’67 EV, Image Credits: Charge Cars

At the heart of the project was the company owner Denis Sverdlov’s ultimate vision: to modernize the iconic muscle car while preserving its authentic charm eternally. This required a delicate balance between innovation and tradition, with a focus on minimal exterior changes. During the initial sketch phase the Charge Cars EV, we proposed various changes to the car’s exterior, but Mr. Sverdlov’s brief was clear: create a modern interpretation of the iconic muscle car while preserving its original essence. This meant minimal exterior alterations, prioritizing execution and attention to detail. It wasn’t an easy task believe me!

charge cars exterior design sketch 01
charge cars exterior design sketch 06
charge cars exterior design sketch 02

During the process several bodies of the donor car were scanned and utilized partial reverse engineering techniques to optimize the vehicle’s exterior. Carbon fiber panels were strategically incorporated to enhance both aesthetics and performance, while modern features such as flush door handles and bespoke LED lights added a touch of contemporary flair. Notably, the innovative integration of the charging port into the side intake showcased our commitment to seamless design integration. The introduction of a new front grille proudly displaying the Charge logo further emphasized the brand’s identity, while modern wheels and wide tires underscored the vehicle’s formidable presence on the road.

More information about the Charge Cars EV and my involvement in the project you find on my website.

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Charge Cars ’67 EV rear end, Image Credits: Charge Cars
charge cars exterior design sketch 03

Design Book #2: Carrosserie Passion by Paul Bracq

There are designers, there are good designers and there are true design GODS…and Paul Bracq is one them! His rare book ‘Carrosserie Passion’ (in French only) is a real testament to his achievements and talent of epic proportions. It’s obviously quite difficult to highlight his best work in a single Instagram post (I don’t know what to begin with), but many regard his years at BMW and Mercedes-Benz as the very best. What’s even more impressive is the person that he worked with at Mercedes-Benz and eventually succeeded him as head of design – the legendary Bruno Sacco!!!

The book is no longer in press, but some used copies can be found online – unfortunately it isn’t cheap! However it’s worth it and I would recommend it over 100s of coffee table books full of useless design clichés.

IMG 6350
IMG 6352
IMG 6356

If you want to find our more about what’s Paul Bracq up to, feel free to visit his website:

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