Design Book #2: Carrosserie Passion by Paul Bracq

There are designers, there are good designers and there are true design GODS…and Paul Bracq is one them! His rare book ‘Carrosserie Passion’ (in French only) is a real testament to his achievements and talent of epic proportions. It’s obviously quite difficult to highlight his best work in a single Instagram post (I don’t know what to begin with), but many regard his years at BMW and Mercedes-Benz as the very best. What’s even more impressive is the person that he worked with at Mercedes-Benz and eventually succeeded him as head of design – the legendary Bruno Sacco!!!

The book is no longer in press, but some used copies can be found online – unfortunately it isn’t cheap! However it’s worth it and I would recommend it over 100s of coffee table books full of useless design clichés.

IMG 6350
IMG 6352
IMG 6356

If you want to find our more about what’s Paul Bracq up to, feel free to visit his website:

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