Miroslav Dimitrov is a Bulgarian-born Industrial designer who has forged a successful career in the automotive design field. He has worked as a leading designer for the world’s most prestige automotive brands, including Bentley, Ferrari, Lotus Cars, Jaguar and Aston Martin. Miro has lived as a professional designer in Bulgaria, Italy and Germany, and is now permanently based in London.

“Design cues from Jaguar’s most overtly sporting car applied to an SUV might sound a bit folly, but there’s no doubts it’s given E-Pace an identity all its own. From F-type inspired elements like the headlams through the bobbled tail to the pistol-style gearlever and driver-centric cockpit, it all hints at agility and driving dynamics a notch or two above the SUV norm”

CAR Magazine, November 2017

“The seductive XF exemplifies British tradition with its sophisticated style and refined road manners. The Jag’s design is as beautiful and aggressive as the carmaker’s feline namesake. Its agile chassis and compliant suspension deliver a calm, composed stiff-upper-lip driving character befitting royalty”

Car and Driver, June 2017

“It makes me think of all the effort that’s gone into the F12, all the years of development that have resulted in a car 70kg lighter than its predecessor, that carries more weight over the back axle despite being front-engined and enjoys a centre of gravity a literal finger’s width higher than the 458’s. All this expertise is now at my command. That’s a good, good feeling”

Top Gear Magazine, September 2012

Clients Include:

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