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Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

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The F12 Berlinetta – perhaps one of the coolest modern era Ferraris! Miroslav Dimitrov had the amazing and one in a lifetime opportunity to be part of the design team based in Maranello responsible for the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta’s styling. Presented at the Geneva Motor Show 2012, the F12 has won numerous design awards including ADI Compasso D’Oro, Auto Bild Design Award and many more.
Ferrari 599XX Exterior Design Sketch by Miroslav Dimitrov © 2009 Miroslav Dimitrov
​Based in the heart of Maranello under the leadership of the former design director Donato Coco, Miroslav began working on project 152 as early as late 2008. Starting first with exterior sketches then followed by work on the interior for the whole of 2009 before departing from Ferrari. The initial brief was a car a little bit smaller in size compared to the outgoing 599 GTB Fiorano and proportions similar to 550 Maranello with its longer hood and shorter rear overhang.
​From the very beginning the F12 Berlinetta was planned as a significant step forward in terms of technology and aesthetics. A lot of technical and innovative features had to be incorporated in its beautifully sculptured bodywork – true to the philosophy “form through function”. To strike a perfect balance between maximum aerodynamic efficiency and elegant proportions that are typical of Ferrari’s front-engined V12 cars, every design and engineering feature had to be carefully considered and seamlessly incorporated into the innovative and sculptural bodywork of F12 Berlinetta.

​“The F12berlinetta has low, sleek coupé lines with powerfully sculpted flanks whose contours curve and dip to channel the air flows from the bonnet.The two aerodynamic channels, created by reducing the volume between the wings and central bonnet bulge, pass below a bridge in the area between the front wheelarch and the bottom of the A-pillar, before flowing into scoops in the flanks, lifting and lightening the car’s side volume.” source Ferrari.com​Interior philosophy. Volumes have been reduced to a minimum to enhance the sportiness and efficiency. Visual “weight” has been reduced thanks to disconnecting the dashboard from the central tunnel. At the same time every area of the interior space has been optimised to provide both a sporty driving position and ensure a maximum comfort. To keep within Ferrari’s DNA, a perfect balance has been reached between advanced technologies, beautifully handcrafted detail and tradition.
2009 Ferrari 458 Interior Design Sketch 01
​Detailing. Sophisticated and timely study was made between all the Ferrari interiors from the past – V8 and V12 engined as well as rear and front engined vehicles. Enzo Ferrari insisted that all V12 flagship berlinetta had three air vents and a very specific layout of the dashboard. Which helped creating a very subtle historic link with a modern touch. At the same time the integration of the air vents was inspired by the way turbo jet engines are fixed to the aircraft’s wings.
2015 ferrari f12berlinetta f12 supercar 32
​The tunnel console follows the same philosophy of lightness and functionality. The central bridge incorporates the F1 gearbox and hazard warning light buttons that are now in a vertical configuration. It became a signature element of the interior inspired by jet fighter cockpits – a solution which also optimises the interior space.

F12 Berlinetta review by EVO Magazine, October 2012
Ferrari F12 Berlinetta review by EVO Magazine, October 2012

​From 2010 onwards the design development of F12 Berlinetta was continued under the new design director Flavio Manzoni, who’s team did nothing short of amazing job. Miroslav Dimitrov admits it’s a truly special feeling to be part of the team that shaped this fantastic product of automotive design & engineering. And especially proud to see the interior theme making it to production as well influences coming from his exterior sketches.

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