Car Design Studio

Since childhood, Miroslav’s passion for automotive design has been his driving force. Originating from Bulgaria, he pursued his dream in the United Kingdom, graduating with Bachelor’s degree in Automotive Design from Coventry University in 2005. This marked the beginning of his distinguished professional journey, which includes collaborations with renowned automotive brands like Ferrari, Bentley, Lotus Cars, Aston Martin, Jaguar, VW Group, and more.

In 2017, Miroslav established his own car design studio – Miroslav Dimitrov Design – operating from London as a design consultant. With extensive experience, he has collaborated with a wide spectrum of enterprises, from established corporations to innovative startups and discerning individual clients. His portfolio features high-performance supercars, showcar concepts, go-karts, restomods, cutting-edge product designs, bodykits, and sophisticated satellite technologies, among other ventures.

Driven by an unwavering commitment to excellence, Miroslav remains steadfast in his pursuit of challenging and inspiring opportunities. His dedication lies in meticulously realizing the visions of his clients, infusing each project with creativity, precision, and a profound understanding of design aesthetics.

Car Design Services

The Philosophy
Miroslav believes that outstanding design goes beyond merely making a product look nice. It necessitates a profound comprehension of the project’s underlying brief, the values it aims to represent, and the discerning clientele it seeks to engage. Only through this comprehensive understanding can we embark upon meticulous considerations of design specifics such as form following function, volumes and proportions, and the challenges of engineering and packaging. Furthermore, the aesthetic expression of the final product – whether inspired by motor racing, the elegance of product design, or the essence of lifestyle products – must harmoniously complement the overall composition.

The Services
Miroslav offers a suite of carefully selected design services tailored precisely to meet each client’s distinct requirements. Operating as a specialized car design studio, he has the flexibility to customize every step of the process to align seamlessly with the client’s needs. His services include comprehensive Design Research, 2D Creative Sketches all the way to sophisticated 3D CAD Models – both conceptual and production-oriented, VR, Photo Realistic CGI Visualizations, and unwavering comprehensive design support, guiding clients through every phase of the developmental journey.

The Process
1. Comprehensive design research aimed at understanding the product brief.
2. Short phase of 2D Creative Sketches to outline the different concepts.
3. 3D Sketch Model to capture the essence of the sketches and select a theme.
4. Engineering Input & Theme Freeze
5. 3D CAD Refinement & feasibility.
6. Design Freeze and Delivery of Data to the customer.



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