EIDO GTR Concept

Year: 2015-2016 | Project Status: Work-In-Progress | Credit: Designer

EIDO GTR Concept, conceived by Miroslav Dimitrov, represents a visionary project rooted in a renowned British sports car heritage. Utilizing the esteemed Ultima GTR‘s rolling chassis, a record-breaker on the unofficial Top Gear track, Miroslav embarked on a mission to enhance its exterior design. While the donor car boasts exceptional engineering, including remarkable chassis balance, brutal raw power and efficiency, Miroslav saw an opportunity to elevate its aesthetic appeal to the next level.

EIDO GTR Design Sketches by Miroslav Dimitrov
With dimensions of 4000mm by 1850mm by 1070mm and wheelbase of 2560mm the donor vehicle is indeed very small. Thanks to some clever engineering to its structural components the car is extremely compact with a lot of room under the exterior body panels. Undoubtedly that will make for a car with amazing proportions and volumes! Design work started in the form of quick sketches as early as 2013. Firstly considered were potential modifications to the bodywork of the donor car and what could be done with very little effort, but with great results. Gradually the idea of making a brand new design and turn it into a One-Off was consolidated and a new direction of bolder and more daring and sculptural design started to emerge.
EIDO GTR Concept, rear end design sketches
EIDO GTR Concept 3D CAD Model
With completely new design on the table, the first task was to give the car a more athletic stance by fixing how it sits on its wheels. An invaluable contributor to the sportier appearance is also a modern and beautifully sculpted design language that compliments the proportions of the vehicle. The front and rear fenders now feature a lot more shape compared to the original car while retaining all the hard points. Wrap-around glass was introduced for the cabin of EIDO GTR Concept and the central intake now is more integrated and stylish. Formula 1 inspiration was used for the rear end and it’s diffuser in particular. Another very recognisable feature of the initial design proposal was an integrated rear wing aka Ferrari F40, which can be seen in the early development sketches. However this idea has been rejected and the current design features a non-integrated fixed wing.
EIDO GTR Concept 3D CAD Model

Currently, Miroslav seeks an engineering and manufacturing partner to realize the EIDO GTR Concept, transforming it into a finished road going concept. While the donor car relies on a very powerful V8 petrol engine generating 1000 bhp, the concept equally holds the potential for conversion into an all-electric, battery-powered sports car. In a world where electric powertrains offer unparalleled sustainability, performance, and simplicity, this shift aligns with the project’s progressive spirit.

For more information on this innovative project, please contact Miroslav Dimitrov.

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