Yes. Miroslav Dimitrov Design has a professional network of partner companies able to manage your project. Whether you want to make your dream come through by building a one-off car designed to your specifications, or you have a business looking for design proposals, we can offer the right answer.

​Miro provides a complete package of design services that offer the opportunity to get the very best of every step of the design development.

Project specific deliverables such as: Creative Design, 3D CAD modelling, 3D Visualisations, Virtual Reality (VR) scenes, Engineering Support, Model & Prototype build are also available depending on your needs. Please get in touch to for more information.

Professional design expertise and one-to-one consultations are available. Please get in touch for more details.

Every design starts with a drawing. It is an essential asset that can make or break an idea. During the design development of a product, the 2D creative work accounts for up tp 15-20% of the total time. The better you are at drawing, the better you will be understood by people you work with. Therefore designers should always strive to improve their artistic skills and techniques. It doesn’t just have to be cars –spaceships, buildings, clothes and people all feature in designer sketchbooks.

Though raw talent is important, it is also expected that an aspiring candidate for a car design studio should have degree from a top University, where their skills can be supported by model building, and promoted by industry connections and interim shows. Internships also form an important part of your experience, and you will make good contacts. Although OEMs are often the first choice, don’t overlook the benefits of working for smaller, diverse consultancies. People have made ‘their own way’ coming from different backgrounds thanks to hard work and discipline.

When looking for your first job or internship – the traditional ways of sending your portfolio with your best work to the design studios are still very much in place, but the growing importance of social media has changed the ways you can make your work noticed and you should explore all possibilities the modern digital era has to offer.

Some of the well-known design schools are mentioned in this link

For 2D work, it is hard to beat Adobe Photoshop. It is widely used for anything from scanning and colouring your work, digital sketching with Wacom tablet, photographs re-touching and preparing hi-resolution boards for presentations.

When you have your design decided, it is time to move onto 3D CAD Software. Autodesk Alias Design is the Industry Standard, found in all car design studios around the world. The Alias Design official website can be found here. Polygon programmes are also available, such as Maya and Cinema 4D.

For projects that require tooling, Dassault ICEM Surf is focused mainly at A-Class surfacing which is used in the final industrialisation stages. ICEM official website can be found here. Autodesk VRED is the most complete product for real-time visualisations, VR presentations and photo realistic still shots used in the Automotive Industry. VRED official website can be found here.

Breaking News: not all designers work on Macs. There’s no doubting the allure of an Apple product, and there more powerful machines are fine for digital editing in movies. However automotive design and engineering tasks typically benefit from the extra fire-power from workstations such as BOXX, Dell, Lenovo and HP.

Miro relies on BOXX Workstations connected to professional grade EIZO monitors for colour accuracy and he uses Wacom Intuos Pro as graphic tablet input.

To name but a few: Ball Point Pens (Bic Medium, Pentel BK & Hybrid Series, Schneider 505 Fine, Pilot BPS), Pencils (Fiber-Castell, Derwent, Berol – Karismacolor, Prismacolor), Markers (AD Chartpak), Bleedproof Marker Pads & paper (Letraset, Canson, Derwent and Strathmore). Naturally, Photoshop is used for making light enhancements.

Due to high demand this service is no longer possible. Websites such as www.cardesignnews.com offer insights on this topic.

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