Miroslav Dimitrov Design Services.


Miroslav Dimitrov provides a complete package of design services that offer the opportunity to get the very best of every step of the design development. From creating unique one-of-a-kind products or for series design, Miro can help establish the right strategy from your requirements.

Project specific deliverables such as: Concept definition, Creative Design, 3D CAD modelling, 3D Visualisations, Virtual Reality (VR) scenes, Engineering Support, Model & Prototype build are also available depending on your needs. Please get in touch to for more information.

In addition, Miro has also served as speaker at several design summits and conferences and is available to share his insights in the automotive business.


Art has always been a passion for Miroslav and his old-school approach can be seen in his sketches and illustrations. To celebrate his love for the automobile he started selling some of his artwork online which can be purchased here.

Miro also accepts commissions. Please use the contact form for further information.

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