1 Year!

I am very very pleased to annouce my website’s first Birthday – on 11th of August it turned 1 year since it’s launch. It was a long anticipated project and now I am very proud with it, we managed to create a digital portfolio featuring nearly 300 images, while keeping extremely clean layout that helps you navigate easily through the projects (you always know where you are). It is professional, clean …it’s just cool looking digital portfolio!!!

What’s Next? Well, it is still plenty of work to be added – the BMW T1 Motorsport should be made in Hi-End 3D model some time in the future. I am planning to “close” the Buick Roadmaster55 and the Alfa Romeo Coupe as well – both with 3D models. The Ferrari 248 Michael Schumacher Edition is also on the waiting list, and believe me…this is going to be a killer! Right in this moment I am concentrated on finishing the DVD Tutorials (finally)…while in parrallel developing the Aston Martin HE-Hybrid. Occasinally, I try to do a little bit of sketching on the Maserati GT-Uno.

For your information, here are some statistics by google analytics for the past 1 year:

13 576 Visits coming from 110 Countries

225 386 Pageviews

16.60 Pages/Visit

00:10:07 Average Time on Site

9 629 Unique Visitors