Renault Koleos Rendering Tutorial

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I have used one of my Berman Design Competition renderings for this tutorial. Although I was allowed to modify only some parts of the vehicle, I started the render from the scratch. Another thing is that I am not a fan of the underlays at all, I use them only for specific jobs. However, for this render alone I used an underlay of the original concept car because I wanted to be as precise as possible. In other words, to apply my design I had to keep close to the original concept car.

Let’s start with the tutorial.

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Auto & Design Issue 167 – Berman Autostyle 2007

Auto & Design issue 167

Here again Auto & Design is presenting Berman Autostyle winners of the 2007 edition. I was not going to participate again, but Berman insisted and I couldn’t turn down their proposal. I didn’t like this potato – Renault Koleos I was given to work on, but fortunately for me the project won 2 awards – Best Industrialized Project and Auto & Design cover award for best project on the competition. So, at the end I was happy I took a part for 2nd and last time on this competition. I was also given a tour in the factory where I had the chance to see my Alfa Romeo sketches printed on a vinyl and put right in front of the main doors of the building. Nice!

You may have a look at the Jaguar CF-X Sports Version too. If you wish to learn more about the Autostyle competition, you can visit Berman website.