It’s a team! First Work-In-Progress Alias model…

Ultima GTR based EIDO MA001 Concept, WIP 3D Alias Model

I have the pleasure to present the first hit of the Work-In-Progress model in Alias made by my friend Adam O’Brien. Besides being such an awesome guy and a great friend of mine, he is also a fantastic 3D modeller…in fact one of the best ones I’ve met in the industry.

I am super excited with him joining on board and I’ll try to post regular updates of our development.

This is the very first hit and things are super rough at the moment, but volumes are looking quite promising and I am really pleased with the first shot he had at modelling it in Alias.

Ultima GTR based Concept. 3D Model Alias from Adam O'Brien | Copyright © 2017 Miroslav Dimitrov

Ultima GTR based Concept. 3D Model Alias from Adam O'Brien | Copyright © 2017 Miroslav Dimitrov

Ultima GTR based Concept. 3D Model Alias from Adam O'Brien | Copyright © 2017 Miroslav Dimitrov

Race Car vs Road Going Car


Ultima GTR Based Sports Car, Race Car vs Road Car sketchI had a couple of hours to play in Photoshop and experiment with some potential liveries for the race car. A bigger separation between the two cars is needed.

Sketch updates

Happy New Year everyone! May the 2016 be an amazing year for all human beings on this planet!

Here is a small batch of sketches I did in December last year. Front end continues to evolve in sketch form, but soon things will move into Alias/3D. The top views compliment the rest of the work and things are slowly falling into place…

It seems this place here will be quite busy

Ultima GTR based sports car, top view sketch in Red

Ultima GTR based sports car, pen sketch by Miroslav Dimitrov

Ultima GTR based sports car, More front themes sketches by Miroslav Dimitrov

Ultima GTR based sports car, Old School Drawing

Ultima GTR based sports car, Front Themes Sketches by Miroslav Dimitrov

Ultima GTR based Sports Sar, Sketch of the front aero section. Miroslav Dimitrov

And a bit of summary bellow

Remember to use your hands!

Ultima GTR based concept exterior design sketch

Nerdy Sketch

My hands have been idle for a very very long time. Not good!
Although the project is entering into the next stage – 3D modelling, I’ll keep bombarding this place with hand drawn sketches.

More cool stuff on the way soon…

Jaguar XF S / R-Sport

2016 Jaguar XF-S in Italian Racing Red

Jaguar XF R-Sport Exterior Photo

Jaguar XF R-Sport Front End Detail

Some press shots of the new Jaguar XF S & R-Sport model presented at the New York Auto Show earlier in 2015. Very pleased with the final result and fantastic team effort! Hopefully some design sketches will be released soon.

2012 Ferrari F12

Perhaps one of the coolest modern era Ferraris is the F12, what’s even more cool – I had the amazing and rare opportunity to be part of the Design Team responsible for the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta styling. Working in Maranello under the leadership of Donato Coco, I started with exterior sketches as early as late 2008 (Initially the car was supposed to be facelifted 599, also know as 599M) and worked on the Interior for the whole of 2009. From 2010 the design development of the car was continued by Flavio Manzoni’s team who did nothing short of amazing job! It’s a truly special feeling to be part of the team that shaped this fantastic product of automotive engineering and especially proud to see the interior theme making it to production as well some influences coming from the exterior sketches… Forza Ferrari!

Image Credits Ferrari & Google Images

EIDO Concept: Episode IV – The Inside Matters!


It was about time to post some updates on the EIDO Concept. Since leaving the Design Studio of Aston Martin, I finally have some time to look back at my own design projects.

First of all, me and Peter had to put a stop on the exterior design development. We have some thinking to do before we go back and continue with the exterior. All this is due to the strange and unusual layout/specs of the car. The front mounted internal combustion engine working on liquid hydrogen and powering the front wheels plus electric motors aiding the rear wheels combined with the 3 seater layout, make it quite a challenge in terms of “engineering” (please excuse me for using this word so freely). There is no point of playing with the exterior of the car at the moment if the basic internal structure hasn’t been resolved. Since the goal of the project is to develop a highly-detailed design of a vehicle with the above mentioned challenges, I deem it to be a necessity to start developing the internal structure first.

To mention a few things we’ve been thinking on: The internal combustion engine working on liquid hydrogen will be front mounted. However I think the best solution so far is not to use anything larger than V6 cyl engine due to size restrictions. The challenge here though is to squeeze a decent space for a gearbox since the mid-passenger (the driver) is sitting quite forward in the centre of the car and his feet may end-up being inside the gearbox. This is something we have to work on and may cause additional joggle with the layout.
The electric motor powering the rear wheels is at the back of the car – similar construction to the Mercedes SLS AMG E-Cell. The single Electric motor placed in the middle of the car, between the rear wheels (in plan view) will power the rear axle thanks to ordinary drive shafts. That’s a much better solution instead the in-wheel-motors that leave no space for proper sports car suspension and wheel design too. The electric motor will be managed by power electronics sitting behind it. The positioning of the batteries is not a huge issue, as this is a short-range conceptual vehicle and big bulky batteries are not considered.
As for the carbon fibre chassis – this will be shaped according to all those functional elements and more. For the moment I am pulling and stretching the carbon fibre chassis in Alias, making sure there is enough of space for all the passengers and mechanical components in the car. It is a lot of work but it’s cool and exciting!!!!

To summarise: what you can see from this post is the initial design of the carbon-fibre chassis. It will give you an idea of the internal structure & assembly of the car. There are also sketches showing first designs on the interior as well..

More updates to follow before Christmas!

any comments anyone?


Feedback Welcome!

EIDO Concept: Episode III – initial 3D development


Back on it again!!!!! Recently me and Peter found couple of weekends to spend on this project and here are some screenshots and sketches of the initial Work-In-Progress on the EIDO Concept. We’re still pulling and stretching the wire in order to get the right proportions of the car, so everything is still considerably conceptual. Proper a-class surfacing will be done when the design freezes. There is sooo much work to be done on this project that it’s just incredible but spirit is up and we’re nearing 1% completion :) Thanks Peter!

Feedback Welcome!