Alias 3D Model, WIP & Updates


Here we go with an updated Work-In-Progress model of our design. Adam O’Brien has been amazing once again and he re-shuffled most of the volumes in Alias in order to fit the design from the sketches over the existing Ultima package. What a great job actually! Still a long long way to go and a lot of things to do, but things are getting better with every step.
I am getting more excited with every bit of work we do on this and of course thanks to Adam for his awesome work!





It’s a team! First Work-In-Progress Alias model…

Ultima based Nosferatu 3D Model Alias WIP

I have the pleasure to present the first hit of the Work-In-Progress model in Alias made by my friend Adam O’Brien. Besides being such an awesome guy and a great friend of mine, he is also a fantastic 3D modeller…in fact one of the best ones I’ve met in the industry.

I am super excited with him joining on board and I’ll try to post regular updates of our development.

This is the very first hit and things are super rough at the moment, but volumes are looking quite promising and I am really pleased with the first shot he had at modelling it in Alias.








Sketch updates

Happy New Year everyone! May the 2016 be an amazing year for all human beings on this planet!

Here is a small batch of sketches I did in December last year. Front end continues to evolve in sketch form, but soon things will move into Alias/3D. The top views compliment the rest of the work and things are slowly falling into place…

It seems this place here will be quite busy

Project Hannibal, top view sketch in Red

Project Hannibal, pen sketch

Project Hannibal, More Front Themes

Project Hannibal, Old School Drawing

Project Hannibal, Front Themes Continue

Project Hannibal, Front Aero Section