Lotus Concept Cars, Paris Motor Show 2010

In 2010 Miroslav Dimitrov had the very rare and incredible privilege to join Lotus Cars in Hethel, England. The small but very talented design team headed by Donato Coco was at the forefront of shaping the future of Lotus Cars products. The management of the famous British car manufacturer and 3rd most successful Formula 1 team after Ferrari and McLaren was set to bring it back to glory. The motivation was strong and the vibe in the Design Studio was phenomenal!

The first challenge for the team was to design a total of 6 Concept Cars in the record time of 10 months – all to be ready for the reveal at the 2010 Paris Motor Show. Despite the insane amount of work, the team achieved the impossible and delivered 6 fantastic vehicles to the public in October. A historical moment for Lotus Cars and for the car industry in general.

Being a key member of the design team, Miroslav Dimitrov was heavily involved in almost every project Lotus presented at the Paris Motor Show. That includes: The initial concept chosen for Lotus Elise, Lotus Eterne Concept which was designed together with Mihai Panaitescu and of course Interior Work for all the show cars.

Lotus Elan Interior Design sketch by Miroslav Dimitrov
Lotus Elan Interior Design sketch by Miroslav Dimitrov.

Miroslav Dimitrov with the Lotus Design Team in Hethel, October 2010With the Lotus Design Team in Hethel, October 2010.

Image Credits: Lotus Cars, EVO Magazine, Google Images & Personal Archive.