Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

Perhaps one of the coolest modern era Ferrari cars – the F12 Berlinetta! Miroslav had the amazing and rare opportunity to be part of the Design Team responsible for the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta’s styling. Based in heart of Maranello under the leadership of Design Director Donato Coco, he started with exterior sketches as early as late 2008 (Initially the car was supposed to be facelifted 599, also know as 599M). Then followed by work on the Interior for the whole of 2009.

From 2010 the design development of the car was continued under the new design director Flavio Manzoni, who’s team did nothing short of amazing job! Miroslav Dimitrov admits it’s a truly special feeling to be part of the team that shaped this fantastic product of automotive engineering and especially proud to see the interior theme making it to production as well some influences coming from the exterior sketches.

Image Credits: Ferrari, Google Images and Personal Archive