Maserati GT-Uno – update

Maserati GT-Uno

Maserati GT-Uno

Hello to everyone! Let’s kick off with something…This is my virgin sketch for the new blog. As some of you may know I am working on a Maserati Sports Car for my portfolio, so here is an update sketch on the subject. Hope you like it! Feedback is always welcome! Will post some new sketches when available.


RIZN Communication Design

I am very happy to announce my new website…finally, we waited so long for it :) All the efforts paid off at the end and I am extremely pleased with the result. It’s all about the presentation and now I have a digital pofolito to be proud of!

I have to say I owe many thanks to RIZN Communication Design for the outstanding job they’ve put through. Their professional touch is far too vivid….and I feel a kind of special for all the attention they paid to my needs. I must say Thank You to Absolutely everyone involved into this. Great work guys!




Maserati GT-Uno

Here is a small initial sketch…update on the maserati V12 thing..I know, it’s even more brutal and dramatic than the one bellow, but am still keen on developing this concpet into the direction alrady said….so let’s see what comes up with this. Will post more soon.

Maserati GT-Uno

I couldn’t help myself of making another sketch… seems to me that will turn into a personal project for my portfolio – Maserati sports car. At the moment this one is “too cultivated & shy” i’ll look into some more aggressive & expressive in the next sketches…will post soon when I’ve got smth to show on the topic…one thing for sure, it’s gonna be mid-engined V12

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NVidia Game Car

NVidia Game Car Sketch

It was about time to have new posts here! So here is something a bit more casual :) I was asked to create a funky rendering for a friend of mine who wanted to use it as a banner for a competition. So we did this NVidia Game Car. It turned out to be quite fun creating the image for this :)

Auto & Design Issue 167 – Berman Autostyle 2007

Auto & Design issue 167

Here again Auto & Design is presenting Berman Autostyle winners of the 2007 edition. I was not going to participate again, but Berman insisted and I couldn’t turn down their proposal. I didn’t like this potato – Renault Koleos I was given to work on, but fortunately for me the project won 2 awards – Best Industrialized Project and Auto & Design cover award for best project on the competition. So, at the end I was happy I took a part for 2nd and last time on this competition. I was also given a tour in the factory where I had the chance to see my Alfa Romeo sketches printed on a vinyl and put right in front of the main doors of the building. Nice!

You may have a look at the Jaguar CF-X Sports Version too. If you wish to learn more about the Autostyle competition, you can visit Berman website.

Auto & Design Issue 161 – Berman Autostyle 2006

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I was happy to see some of my Berman Autostyle competition work featured in the Auto & Design magazine – Issue 161 (November-December 2006). If you wish to learn more about the Autostyle competition, you can visit Berman website. For more info on the project and additional work of mine you can jump on my website.

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BMW T1 Motorsport, University Degree Project

BMW T1 Motorsport scale model, Coventry University Degree Project

Coventry University Degree Project, June 2005

BMW T1 Motorsport is a supercar devoted to BMW’s Motorsport success…

Old drawings :)

Concept ArtHere we are with some fun stuff. We always have fun looking at our old drawings made long time ago. It’s quite intriguing trying to recall what inspired you back in the time..

I remember when I was a small kid and watched “Back To the Future”. I hardly understood what happened in the movie, but the Delorean car made such an impact on my childish & innocent mind that I carried out sketching it for weeks. As early as my memory goes (4-5 ears old…or even earlier) I’ve always sketched cars – anywhere, anytime at any place I find appropriate. Unfortunately I don’t have all my kids drawings with me, but for the ones I got my hands on I’ll do my best to share!

Let’s start then…

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