some like it soft

Ultima GTR Based Sports Car, Rear End Sketch

A friend of mine (Roman Skokov) suggested I should try one of these rear themes (Theme B) with softer shapes so it works better with the original car.
So I gave it a little try and here is a small sketch as a study. Couldn’t be asked to put any colour though….

ABC Easy as One, two, three …

Easy as
One, two, three
Or simple as
Do re mi
ABC, one, two, three, baby, you and me girl! ….🎵 🎶

Just like the Jacksons 5, the question we have here is ABC or 1, 2, 3….
Did this little page of thumbnail sketches for myself a few months back while having the morning coffee just to summerise some of the themes on the concept so far, but I guess there are cool features in each of them.
As much as I hate doing rendirings, I guess I have to colour some of these sketches to see which ones are worth developing further…

Ultima GTR theme page

Ultima GTR design reference

flight mode ✈️

I hardly had any time to post recently, but here is another small batch of sketches based around the Ultima One-Off vechile. Indeed some of them were done on the plane on the way to Italy.

Ultima GTR One-Off sketch

Ultima GTR One-Off sketch

Ultima GTR One-Off sketch

Ultima GTR One-Off sketch

I still can’t quite decide whether this “thing” should be more racy witn wings…ducts, dive planes etc, or it should be more clean and simple…. Hmmm….meditate on this I will!

keep them rolling

Ultima GTR pen sketchAs you’ve probably noticed lately, sketching racy custom made Ultimas could be quite intriguing. A few nice themes are starting to emerge..
For now though, here is a pen sketch, which I am planning to colour up and give it some “bling” when time allows..
Really keen on the rear by the way….

smells like markers..

Ultima GTR marker sketch

I forgot how good it feels to get High on markers! Good old Chartpak Markers! I have a few more sketches to upload soon.

Ultima GTR, again

Ultima GTR Ultima GTR

The A4 original sketch page and the colour version of it. I felt like splashing some funky colours to give it the “bling”… That “ugly duckling” has some amazing proportions and huge potential it seems…