EIDO GTR Concept

EIDO MA001 Concept is based on the famous British sports car: Ultima GTR. The idea is to take the rolling chassis of the donor car and put a new bodywork over it. Ultima GTR is the unofficial Top Gear track record breaker, however being a kit car it had very little design input during the development. While the car is technologically a masterpiece in terms of chassis balance, efficiency and performance it leaves a lot to be desired in terms of design and aesthetics. Miroslav thought this is a great opportunity to create a new bodywork to compliment the performance and abilities of the sports car! With dimensions of 4000mm by 1850mm by 1070mm and wheelbase of 2560mm the Ultima GTR is a very small car. Whats is so amazing however are the proportions and volumes of the car. Due to the good engineering, the structural components of the car are very compact and there is a lot or room under the Exterior body panels. This combined with clever usage of the hard points on the chassis is a recipe for success!
EIDO GTR Design Sketches by Miroslav Dimitrov
The initial design work started in the form of sketches by Miroslav Dimitrov as early as 2013. Potential modifications to the Ultima GTR bodywork were considered and what could be done with very little effort, but good results. Gradually the idea of making a brand new design and turn it into One-Off was consolidated and a new direction of bolder and more sculptural design started to emerge. A completely new best was on the table! The new design direction featured an integrated rear wing aka Ferrari F40, more fluid body language and more poised and purposeful stance. The front and rear fenders feature a lot more shape now, wrap-around glass was introduced and Formula 1 inspired design was used for the rear end. Parallel to the road going version a more focused track version started to shape on the paper, however this derivative was put on the side until the road car is complete first.
In 2016 the project took a massive step forward when Adam O’Brien joined forces with Miroslav Dimitrov in the development of the car. Adam is responsible for sculpting the concept in 3D and making sure the design gets translated accurately in the three dimensional world. The main goal in 2017 is resolving the overall exterior shape of EIDO MA001 Concept and creating a physical property from clay to evaluate the new design of the car. In addition, High Quality realistic images will be generated with the help of visualisation software and improvements to the Interior Design will be considered too. Once this stage is complete, the project will move into the next phase which is engineering and prototype build. For more updates on the development of this vehicle, please check the website regularly for new images. For any inquiries regarding EIDO MA001 Concept, please get in touch.

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