Lotus Rocks!!!!!

Lotus Concept Cars Reveal at 2010 Paris Motos Show

Lotus is back with a BIG bang! Those ones attached to the car industry knew that the sports car manufacturer was about to present new concepts outlining its next generation of cars. However the company exceeded people’s expectations and presented not one or two, but six models at the Paris Motor Show this year. There is no doubt Lotus was the biggest star of the show and the bold move from the British car company shocked everyone! With few other good looking concepts, the rest of the Paris Motor Show 2010 was super dull and depressing – full with potato shaped vehicles that will never succeed in making you excited, not to mention any desire to drive or own one of them! Sad, very sad for our industry!

On the positive side I can’t help it but to feel proud and excited being part of the design team that shaped these cars for less than one year. I call that an incredible achievement! I must admit that all of us in the studio worked very hard to deliver these prototypes on time, it was flat-out work process from start to finish. After all that hard work, when you stand near the cars and observe all those journalists and photographers hassling around the models you’ve been part of, you realise all this crazy toil was worth it and every bit of you is proud to be part of this historical event!!! Thank You Lotus for the opportunity and many thanks to all guys from the Lotus Design Team too, I am so happy working with you chaps!

Image credits: Lotus Cars, Autoblog and Google Images.


Image credits: Lotus Cars, Autoblog, EVO and Google Images.
2010 Lotus Esprit Concept Car Reveal at Paris Motos ShowLotus Esprit Concept
Lotus Esprit Concept is the re-placement of the much-loved and long anticipated British icon from the past.

2010 Lotus Elan Concept Car Reveal at Paris Motos ShowLotus Elan Concept
With this yellow beast Lotus promises to deliver the best-in-class performance for a mid-engined two-seater, competing with Porsche 911 and Audi R8.

2010 Lotus Elite Concept Car Reveal at Paris Motos ShowLotus Elite Concept
The front engined Lotus Elite is future competitor to cars like Aston Martin DB9, Ferrari 599 etc.

2010 Lotus Eterne Concept Car Reveal at Paris Motos ShowLotus Eterne Concept
Lotus plans to enter the four-door luxury sports car market with this stylish fifth model from its product range.

2010 Lotus Elise Concept Car Reveal at Paris Motos ShowLotus Elise Concept
This is the re-placement of the current Lotus Elise that we all know. No need for introduction here.

2010 Lotus City Car Concept Reveal at Paris Motos Show
Lotus City Car Concept

The sixth car on the show stand was the Lotus City Car Concept.

Also Make sure you check out the live coverage from the Paris Motor Show at: http://live.lotuscars.com/videoplayer/

Auto & Design Issue 179 – Ferrari 458 Interior

Ferrari 458 Interior Sketch

Ferrari 458 Interior Sketch

Auto & Design issue 179

Ferrari 458 Interior

Here is the Auto & Design Issue 179 featuring some of my sketches on the 458 Italia Interior. The whole interior and many other bits on the car were designed by our little team based in Maranello. The 458 is a very important product for Ferrari and we all gave our best for it! Massive compliments to Bertrand Rapatel, who is the creative designer of Ferrari 458 Interior.

Auto & Design Issue 173 – Ferrari California Interior

Auto & Design issue 173

Auto & Design Issue 173 showing on page 43 my sketches on the Ferrari California Interior. At the time when I arrived in Maranello, the Ferrari California was already completed and I had to make these for Auto & Design, the actual interior was designed again in Maranello with the help of Bertone. My next projects was sketch program on the 599XX! Cool!!!!!

Auto & Design Issue 167 – Berman Autostyle 2007

Auto & Design issue 167

Here again Auto & Design is presenting Berman Autostyle winners of the 2007 edition. I was not going to participate again, but Berman insisted and I couldn’t turn down their proposal. I didn’t like this potato – Renault Koleos I was given to work on, but fortunately for me the project won 2 awards – Best Industrialized Project and Auto & Design cover award for best project on the competition. So, at the end I was happy I took a part for 2nd and last time on this competition. I was also given a tour in the factory where I had the chance to see my Alfa Romeo sketches printed on a vinyl and put right in front of the main doors of the building. Nice!

You may have a look at the Jaguar CF-X Sports Version too. If you wish to learn more about the Autostyle competition, you can visit Berman website.

Auto & Design Issue 161 – Berman Autostyle 2006

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[singlepic id=206 w=320 h=240 float=none]

I was happy to see some of my Berman Autostyle competition work featured in the Auto & Design magazine – Issue 161 (November-December 2006). If you wish to learn more about the Autostyle competition, you can visit Berman website. For more info on the project and additional work of mine you can jump on my website.

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