EIDO Concept: Episode III – initial 3D development


Back on it again!!!!! Recently me and Peter found couple of weekends to spend on this project and here are some screenshots and sketches of the initial Work-In-Progress on the EIDO Concept. We’re still pulling and stretching the wire in order to get the right proportions of the car, so everything is still considerably conceptual. Proper a-class surfacing will be done when the design freezes. There is sooo much work to be done on this project that it’s just incredible but spirit is up and we’re nearing 1% completion :) Thanks Peter!

Feedback Welcome!


  1. man that is a awesome design, can you tell me what program you are using for 3d modelling? l’m busy with my owen design.

  2. Hi Tobias! Thanks for the nice words! Until this moment the concept is being made using Alias AutoStudio & Maya (mainly). Later on the surfaces will be finished in Catia.

  3. I appreciate if you could tell me how you import a geometry from Maya to Catia without loosing any geometry information on the object and be able to continue using it in Catia without redrawing it. As you mentioned above “surfaces will be finished in Catia” that means you’re still using Maya (or Alias) geometry in Catia and you continue finishing it. So I appreciate if you could clarify that for me.
    Thank you.

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