Cool Video!!! 1949 Ford – Design and Testing

I stumbled upon this amazing video last night – it reminds me how powerful, proud and influential were the designers years ago! Nowadays it’s a real shame how the car design is being dictated by marketing and sales specialists who know nothing of building cars!!! Enjoy the video everyone!

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  1. Wow, can you imagine what is the difference betwin those time and now…amazing. This designers were artists with absolute freedom in their job, in our time we have so many restrictions that is so damn hard of escaping from being boring on the market and damn it we are fighting for milimeters and before thay have thay freedom… I was watching obout GM design in the begining of the 20 sentury, woooow, incredible…really incredible. I would really like to have such a freedom in the design and exploring new ways of making cars again.

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