Lotus Rocks!!!!!

Lotus Concept Cars Reveal at 2010 Paris Motos Show

Lotus is back with a BIG bang! Those ones closely following the car industry probably knew what the famous sports car manufacturer was about to present in Paris. The reveal showed a whole new range of concepts outlining its next generation of cars. Lotus Cars exceeded people’s expectations and presented not one or two, but a total of six concept cars –┬áthe bold move from the British car company shocked everyone! There was no doubt Lotus was the biggest star of the Paris Motor Show! With a few other good looking concepts, the rest of the Paris Motor Show 2010 was super dull and depressing. Full with potato shaped vehicles that will never succeed in making you excited, not to mention any desire to drive or own one of them. Sad, very sad for our industry!

On the positive side I can’t help but to feel proud and excited being part of the design team that shaped these cars for less than one year. I call that an incredible achievement. I must admit that all of us in the studio worked very hard to deliver these prototypes on time. It was flat-out work process from start to finish. Only when you stand near the cars and observe all those journalists and photographers hassling around the models you’ve been part of, you realise all this crazy toil was worth it and every bit of you is proud to be part of this historical event!!! Thank You Lotus for the opportunity and many thanks to all guys from the Lotus Design Team too! I am so happy working with you guys!


2010 Lotus Esprit Concept Car Reveal at Paris Motos ShowLotus Esprit Concept
This amazing concept is the re-placement of the much-loved and long anticipated British icon from the past.

2010 Lotus Elan Concept Car Reveal at Paris Motos ShowLotus Elan Concept
The yello beast promises to deliver the best-in-class performance for a mid-engined two-seater. Main competitors will be Porsche 911 and Audi R8.

2010 Lotus Elite Concept Car Reveal at Paris Motos ShowLotus Elite Concept
The front engined Lotus Elite is future competitor to cars like Aston Martin DB9, Ferrari 599 etc.

2010 Lotus Eterne Concept Car Reveal at Paris Motos ShowLotus Eterne Concept
The famous British company plans to enter the four-door luxury sports car market. Lotus Eterne Concept is a stylish 4 door sports car making for the fifth model from its product range.

2010 Lotus Elise Concept Car Reveal at Paris Motos ShowLotus Elise Concept
This is the re-placement of the current Lotus Elise that we all know. No need for introduction here.

2010 Lotus City Car Concept Reveal at Paris Motos Show
Lotus City Car Concept

The sixth car on the show stand was the Lotus City Car Concept.

Image credits: Lotus Cars, Autoblog, EVO and Google Images.


  1. hey- happy to be working with you too miro:) c u in the next show:D

  2. Miroslav..if available can I see some sketches of the process..6 new cars but still no sketches in the press.

  3. Sketches will be released later on I guess, no sketchwork at the moment. If some graphic stuff becomes available I will make sure to post it here.

  4. Hey, guys :)

    Miro i will write this one to everyone who take part in creating this cars and i excuse myself for my English in advance :)

    Guys you did a lot of work for a very very short time and you manage to get the attention of everybody in the Paris Motor show this year. I know some of you and i know what a hard work you did and how much time you’ve spend in the workshops of Lotus. For me and i think for everyone was a big surprise to see so many models from a company like Lotus, deffenetely you showed to everyone you are not outsiders and you deffenetelly are not such a “small” company anymore. Congratulations for the amount of work you did. In terms of design very good point for me is you manage to do a family of cars using the same face identity and to aply a new style for the brand. Well, for me honestly the cars has a bit italian touch regarding the style. I think you still have work on a little details before launching them on the market, i do not understand why Elise is so big and “fat” now, looks much more massive than the previous one which was a key for the charm and success of that model i think. For me Lotus is simple…light…performance…racing and unfortunately i do not see it in most of the cars you present, but who knows maybe the traditions are really made to be broken. I am really pleasantly suprise by the fact Lotus is considering production of a 4 door limusine, this could be a interesting and an unique car on the street and the small city car as well :) My favorite on the show is Elan, from all of the cars you show this one i think has the best balance, except some lines and finishings, the A-line, the one of the C-pillar are so straight that they look negative from most of the angles i sow the car, also the rear fender is a bit strange and shy with al this lines meeting there….but those are things which can be modiffied bevore production :).

    The main thing i wanted to say is you did a good job and lot of work so my respect to you :)

    Good luck for the future and i am curiouse to see what you will show next.

    Dido :)

  5. Hi Miroslav!

    I absolutely love what you guys have done with the Lotus brand in terms of design. I was so surprised that a company would release six completely new concepts in one show when many don’t even show one concept. That is one of the most disappointing things about motor shows these days (at least the Sydney, Australia one)… Most people pay go to see the future of the motor industry yet all we see are salespeople trying to promote old cars that we can see in showrooms. Anyways, congratulations and I hope to see more soon!


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