New Design Position

Busy times recently have kept me away from my blog which has resulted in me not posting here. Just now I have to say I am very proud to announce my new design position. Since January 2010 I joined the design team of Lotus Cars based in England and I am very excited to work for a sports car manufacturer with such a great history. The Lotus Design Team is very professional, as well as very fun and enjoyable to work with. Lotus’ return to Formula One racing is one of the things which indicates the company intensions to return back to glory……

I left Ferrari in December 2009 with positive impressions only. It was an outstanding experience being a part of their design studio and working on projects like Ferrari 599XX, Ferrari 458 Italia and some others you’ll see in the future. I had the opportunity to be surrounded by cars such as F40, F50, Enzos, 430 Scuderia…599s and especially the Classical Beauties. If you have the chance to visit Maranello, make sure that you go to Galleria Ferrari – their museum where you can find their super and F1 cars. Make sure you try their Cafe Espresso too!!!

I take this chance to thank the colleagues I worked with in Ferrari! ….It will be great to see you again!


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  1. Hi, Miro,

    Good luck on your new position in Lotus, i am sure you will give all the best from you as usual =) and i am waiting to see a masterpiece from you on the road very soon …

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