Maserati GT-Uno – front updates

Maserati GT-Uno

Maserati GT-Uno

Here we are with the Maserati again! I am sharing with you few sketches I did – mainly concerning the front of the vehicle. I am trying to squeeze some spare time for this project and get it finished as I do not intend to invest too much of time on it. Still, I am having fun drawing this vehicle and I want to create something¬† that is cool….and finished too :)
What I can say now is that I am shaping my mind around few concept directions that already emerge to me and they will be better illustrated with the upcoming sketches. So far it has been fun sketching the different ideas but I could go on like this forever and it is time to put the things in order. I am a kind of tempted to start a 3D model of this, it could boost the Maserati project a lot. Anyway…more sketches and renderings coming next. I hope you like these ones for now! Thoughts anyone?


  1. Thank you for the feedback guys, such a response makes me wannado even more of these..and I will do!!! Mark, comparing my work with Daniel Simon’s stuff is quite a compliment for me :) Thanks a lot!

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