The GT-Uno continues…

Maserati GT-Uno

Yeah it was about time to do some work on this one…my tablet was getting dusty at home. This project could be running slow but I will finish it one day (maybe). Now…seriously…I still look for a good theme “surface-wise” for this car and if having more time I will bring it closer to a defined concept that has something more to show. I found a few potentially interesting solutions for the front wing that are worth exploring.



  1. Hello.Don’t you think that the “rear-side-wings” creates some oposable forces to car’s cornering forces?

    Also…I’m watching your drawings for a while…i’m impressed:D.I will keep my eyes on you:P

  2. Hi there,

    Thanks for the nice comment :) About the rear side wings. Well…good question, for now it is still a conceptual sketch so nothing definitive. When finalizing the project i’ll make sure this kind of design solutions are up to a reasonable level, cause I want to keep the good balance between concept & feasibility. Thanks for posting :)

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