Formula FORD Bio-Ethanol car

Hello again!

I hope people here enjoy visiting and reading this blog because I have a lot coming on the way…mainly cars!

This evening I decided to share one image with you. It is a picture of the Formula Ford series car, that has Bio-Ethanol engine and took a part in the Goodwood Festival of Speed back in 2007. Just before I leave FORD in the summer of 2007 I was given one short and a little unusual project – to create the livery of this Formula Ford Bio-Ethanol car.

The task was to create a graphic that really shows the public this car is Eco-Friendly. At the beginning I found the project boring but as it progressed during the week I started to enjoy it and came up with some bold ideas such as the “Crazy Cow” and other ridiculous stuff… The customer liked one of them – The Sunflowers! Huge yellow sunflowers wrapping the whole car. We considered two options for making this decoration job. 1st Option was to bring it for a paint job where every single detail will be air-brushed by hand and the whole car will be as a piece of art. This would be really cool but takes so long, it is expensive and just a small scratch can ruin the piece of art. The 2nd Option we actually took was to make it out of vinyl on a base of a pure white car. I insisted on making it like a puzzle – several pieces/jigs that bring the whole picture of the Yellow Sunflowers and having a small white margin of 50mm between the vinyl pieces (the actual colour of the car), where the shut lines of the body panels join together.

Unfortunately they didn’t make it the way I insisted (with the small margins between the vinyl templates), also something went wrong when printing the vinyls because they look more Orange than Yellow….as well as the actual Sunflowers are more like ordinary flowers unfortunately! Nevertheless, the car still looked fresh and cool at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in 2007.


  1. Hi Miro,

    I know about this car and honestly the idea to be painted with airbrush is very cool but like you said even a single scratch will ruin this piece af art. The vinyl is cool but what i learn from my experience it is very hard to be aplied on a shapes like this even without the “puzzle effect” (which by the way is another cool idea). It would be cool if it was airbrushed to see the signature of the autor somewhere on the car. ;)

  2. Bio-Ethanol cars Im not sure if that vil ever be the future, it could be a part of the “gas” nation

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