Maserati Merak – marker rendering

What we’ve got here is the beautiful Maserati Merak. I tried to make a proper marker rendering for fun and exercise the old school techniques a little bit…
Everything was goign fine UNTILL the last moment when I had to pick up the white gouache/tempera paint for the details and effects. That was THE WORST white paint I’ve ever tried to work with….so greasy and absolutely no density at all. Disgusting, I’ll never use this crap again. It turned the most fun and easy moment into a nightmare… I am absolutely no happy with this and I almost lost the entire illustration…

The nex thing coming is Ferrari illustration. This time no mistakes allowed!


  1. hahahaha i was like..shit thats a cool render..then read your comment..checked the pic..
    totally understand you know…
    looks like you scratch the car into a white wall or something..too bad..
    but anyways..who dont you photoshop-correct it???? and just remove the white the one in the side..

    keep up!!
    waiting for the Ferrari!

  2. Hi, Miro!

    The sketch is still cool even if the white paint was crap. I also had the same experience and I am understanding you perfectly. But otherwise I think you manage to made good ilustration and as I know you without undelay ;)

    Which Ferrari model did you choose to ilustrate?

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