Auto & Design Issue 173 – Ferrari California Interior

Auto & Design issue 173

Auto & Design Issue 173 showing on page 43 my sketches on the Ferrari California Interior. At the time when I arrived in Maranello, the Ferrari California was already completed and I had to make these for Auto & Design, the actual interior was designed again in Maranello with the help of Bertone. My next projects was sketch program on the 599XX! Cool!!!!!

Hybrid-E Pick-Up/SUV Vehicle

Hello to everyone!!!

Here I am showing you some work I did for a client earlier this summer. I usually keep client’s work strictly confidential and never disclose it, however this time for some various reasons the project has been stopped at a stage and further development on design has been compromised and I have the privilege to reveal you quite a lot of the design work I did.

As said on the website, I was hired by a customer in the US to give the initial kick on a project that was to be developed into series of production vehicles all using hybrid technology and sharing identical platforms.

What we’ve got here is a classical American pick-up truck – as defined from the initial brief and it is an electric/hybrid alternative to its current rivals on the market such as Dodge Ram, Ford F150, GMC Sierra etc. The new vehicle outlined in the brief was not to be too futuristic looking, nor too similar to the current ones on the roads /the ones that it will try to steal a market share of/. it is powered by Li-Ion batteries as a small combustion engine was a kind of considered too.

The interior was designed according to the requirements of the customer. As with the exterior, the vehicle has similar interior specifications to its rivals in this class. New features like wide use of electronic devices and touch screens are standard for all the electric cars planned for going into production.

Well….for the rest I’ll leave you go through the sketches and have a look yourself. Feel free to let me know what think of this! I appreciate it….many thanks!



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