Maserati GT-Uno, initial sketches

The saga continues with this…

Maserati GT-Uno side view

edit. Part 02

Here we are with a few more sketches on the subject. My mind is getting more and more focused on this… I am still in the search of the best shape for this car. To be continued….

Maserati GT-Uno rear
Maserati GT-Uno

Maserati GT-Uno

And some profiles….

Maserati GT-Uno sides


  1. Hey very good Miro! I love the idea for the exaust pipe it is realy cool!

    Very strong, I like the style it will be great!

  2. Miroslav – I just wanted to tell you that I’m completely overwhelmed with your designs… A lot of respect from my side!
    Kind Regards,


  3. Hey miro,
    ive looked at your website and seen alot of beautiful rides. I really like the design of the futuristic cars like the maserati GT-uno, V12 limo, hybrid and your cool sketches. I have very similar taste and i like designing and sketching cars. Most of cars ive designed have very similar looks with some of those futuristic cars that i found. Most of my ideas have already been used. But yours is absolutely original and cool. Keep it up. Hope to see more future designs from you soon. 2009 !!!


  4. Helllo!!!

    I am really glad to read all this great stuff about my work guys. Deyan, Bart and Viktor…thank you so much for it! I will try continue posting and uploading on my website. I’ve got plenty of great designs in my head that need realization…and I will do it! For the Maserati…yeah, expect some update soon!

  5. hey i am currently building a car from basicly scratch all hand made and custom Not a kit and i need a body design i have been greatly admiring yours and wanted to know if i could make this car a real car but it would not be under maserati name and is this just your private scetch or an actuall maserati concept?

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