Maserati GT-Uno – update

Maserati GT-Uno

Maserati GT-Uno

Hello to everyone! Let’s kick off with something…This is my virgin sketch for the new blog. As some of you may know I am working on a Maserati Sports Car for my portfolio, so here is an update sketch on the subject. Hope you like it! Feedback is always welcome! Will post some new sketches when available.


  1. I love the detail in your work!!! How long did that top 1 take you to sketch out?

  2. Nice sketches Miro! Good as always…it’s clear that you’re in an inicial stage, but I’m sure you’ll keep on developing ’till it is Great!!

    Want to see the final Design!

    Keep up! cheers!

  3. Hello Guys!

    Thanks for the taking a part in this! I am happy you get involved! Yeah, the Maserati is still in it’s initial stage. I am a little bit busy recently but I’ll get back on it….
    I still wonder If I should go for the edgy brutal and uncompromising look ….or should I soften it a little bit. I may try both to see how they look. When the design is ready…we’ll jump on the 3D.


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