Maserati GT-Uno

Here is a small initial sketch…update on the maserati V12 thing..I know, it’s even more brutal and dramatic than the one bellow, but am still keen on developing this concpet into the direction alrady said….so let’s see what comes up with this. Will post more soon.

Maserati GT-Uno

I couldn’t help myself of making another sketch… seems to me that will turn into a personal project for my portfolio – Maserati sports car. At the moment this one is “too cultivated & shy” i’ll look into some more aggressive & expressive in the next sketches…will post soon when I’ve got smth to show on the topic…one thing for sure, it’s gonna be mid-engined V12

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  1. Your sketches are amazing!! I am trying to develop my sketching skills, and have been greatly inspired by your sketches–If you ever have a chance could you please show a tutorial of how you create a car sketch–I’m sure other people would greatly appreciate it as well–

  2. Hello,

    I assume you’re the same person asking for the pen sketching in Photoshop.
    Well…what you ask is somehow impossible to show/explain to you – the sketching I mean. My advice is practice on the paper as much as you can, don’t use underlays and the only thing you need is plain A4s and ballpoint pen. Look at the cars…study the perspective. Don’t be affraid to put lines on the paper…when u get better, the line will clean up get more accurate.

    I’ll consider doing some video tutorials of how I make the quick sketches. It will be posted in the website. I’ll let you know when that happens.

    Good luck with the work.
    Thanks for the compliments by the way!


  3. Hi, how u doing
    yeah the Maser looks intersting,
    i like the front grill with the inverted tensions on the side.
    i would keep the design simple even if a V12 needs loads of air ducts, now looks graphically light enough, so, a nice V8 will be just as good.
    Respect to all your works!!!!

    Cheers from an Italian guy.

    (by the way the Dacia side view looks awesome)

  4. this is the side view i meant :

    honestly is terrific, make a 3d model, make something with it, dude this feels to me like what the “1 Series Coupé” should have been!
    so why not…a different small coupè with a nice Renault 2.0Turbo Engine and a rear wheel drive.
    A demostration that cheap Motorsport can stay alive even in the 2008…..
    Kick Ass

    Same italian guy as above!-)

  5. Ciao!

    Good to hear some reasonable opinions on my works. Thank you very much for it!

    1. Regarding the first post of yours. I completely agree with you…doing a powerful V12 doesn’t necessarily mean that the car must look like a space ship and feature a dozen of ducts, vents and spoilers. The thing is that with this one…I want to do something like a high-tech monster for Maserati. Look at the MC12 for example…yeah, great supercar but It does lack a little bit of presence on the road. Don’t you agree? So In my head I see a powerful mid-engine V12, that uses a new design language for Maserati. I intend to use a lot of edges combined with flat surfaces/sections that should bring a feeling of high technological and advanced car, that also looks stiff and a little bit brutal (not much). At the same time…the back of the car is going to be relatively engine-opened, place where I am going to use soft and flowing surfaces – area around the exhaust for example. So in other words…It’s gonna be rigid and stiff looking car/shell that has soft and light looking “inside”…the exterior protects the inside.. I’ve done few sketches last week while I was in the Airplane. I’ll post some of them when the time comes. Stay tuned for this one…

    2. Regarding the Dacia. I am very happy you like it! As said many times…it was a kind of shooting in different directions for Dacia coupe/sedan. Instead of doing very advanced concepts, I thought of…”how about that for Dacia in the next 5-10 years”. Yeah…the profile sketch is a decent one. And I dare to say I hit the right proportions for it…combined with nice surfacing makes the car looking very reasonable. Alsoo…to give it a little bit of kick, I used the 2nd colour for the underside of the car, which pushes the car towards the young drivers category.
    Don’t mention the BMW 1st Series…this is the ULTIMATE ANTI-DRIVING Machine…that’s something that has nothing to do with the BMW company as many other cars that recently came out of the Munich company…..a piece of machinery that NO-respectful man would buy even to his wife!
    Anyway….I am very thankful for the good advice of yours…when I got the time I may consider more sketches on this version…develop it a little bit. Why not sports you said rear wheel drive..2.0 Turbo engine….hmm, sounds interesting, like a cheaper version of Renault Megane F1?

    So much for today ;)
    Stay cool!


  6. hi miro
    i’m korean guy, 25years old and NOT
    good at english.
    call me RJ~
    your sketch & tutorial is very helpful for me. thank you~
    i hope that i talk about a car design, sketch…with you. but, i can’t write english well. so if my english gets better, there will be more opportunity.

  7. careful with going

    “edges combined with flat surfaces/sections that should bring a feeling of high technological and advanced car”

    that is a design language that a lot of people are trying to do at the moment it isnt a new language and .. for me your first masarati sketch is already complicated enough…try to put more sensuality and emotion into those lines..try and control them more as a sholder line can be 3+ meters long……(after all it is italian not should be an amazing new wine not vodka) and an advanced feeling can be achieved through the way you blend surfaces and where the cockpit is positioned or how the dlo is poised or broken…. etc…. your first bmw project for me had much more emotion and more to say than your recent stuff… the new bmw gina is an amazing concept; how could you apply a new form of concept to the masarati…. its your own project you have no limits….

    any way my view that is
    good work tho

    see you miro

  8. Good Morning to you all!

    Dear anonymous, thanks a lot for your opinion! What you say is absolutely correct and I do agree with you. I am happy, that you read carefully what I say about my designs.

    1. Yes..the flat/plain surfaces/edges..are not new to the car design. No argue about it. If we go back 40 years….Bertone was very advanced in this design philosophy, no doubt about that. I am not trying to invent a new style of shaping the body of the car in this case (hmmm, or maybe I should try, you gave me a nice buzz)…well, I am just trying to apply this style to the Maserati brand.
    Anyway…I also wonder which is the better direction to go for – the one already mentioned or the more sensual and sexy style, beautifully shaped body of the car, cool proportions. As both of you and the Italian guy said – elegant…cool ,sexy and most of all – Italian! Italian red wine, yes! ;)
    I will see…I’ll probably try both directions in any case, I am not in a hurry with this project…then we’ll see which is better. I will be posting sketches on the topic and wait for your precious feedback :)

    2. The BMW Gina…..don’t know what to say!
    – At one hand side…it was about time someone to come up with such a design. I am not quite surprised of that. It is not such an euphoria for me as is for some others. The idea of the flexible body of the car that can change its form and expression is cool. In terms of approach to the new textures and material used for the body of the vehicle, I like the idea itself very much!
    – However…the DESIGN of the car itself is appalling! I’ll stop here, cause If I start talking about the design of BMW…I’ll express myself with a dozen of uncensored words. I’ll just say that BMW >>was< < one of my favourite companies...but right now they’ve got some of the ugliest cars on the road! They way the cars look has nothing to do with what the company IS&WAS...they do not even look European or German for **** sake! The way AUDI looks for example... enough for now  hope we continue the conversation.

    P.S. Hey, why do I got the feeling that I’ve met you before :)

  9. Another awesome sketch Miro! I just wonder, you do your highlighting on your top layer rather than using the dodge tool to lighten just the colour rather than the lines?

    I just thought that might add a more realistic feel, but i dunno =)


  10. Hi Miro ! It was nice to see you on my blog, be sure you’re still welcome on it ! Concerning yours, I think that you already know my interest about your stuff and impressing sketching level. I’m just a little amazed by your last work… but why not ! Since Pinifarina unveiled the latest Maserati GT, everybody works on this brand in the same classic/elegant/italian way. Your proposal could be a good alternative, but I need more to be objective about it. By the way, if you want to keep the Maserati spirit without the strong Pinin styling identity, you can work on Osca brand. You will be more free while keeping genuineness.

    Best regards

    ■ Aurel.

    PS : Such as I said on my blog, I hope you won’t close your blog even if you’re about to launch a new website…

  11. u r one of the most talented designer i ever seen here in net,thanks for ur nice design.its clear u have really good knowledge about car proportion,\

  12. Hi Guys!

    I am very happy to see you taking part in commenting the Maserati. I am still thinking on it! There are few more sketches to be shown, I will do that as soon as I got few spare minutes for it.

    this blog won’t be deleted. I will just make a brand new one – starting from a scratch and will update it regularly. I will definitely make a post when that’s happening and point towards the new one.

    Stay tuned – website launch in 10 days! Can’t wait for it!

    Johnny Cahs

  13. Hey, Greetings from India :)!
    You are a brilliant designer. I sketch cars as a hobby and your blog has inspired me a lot. Really wonderful sketches. Hope you keep posting.!

  14. hi miroslav
    dude iam a big fan of yours ,, i like ur work ,, very aggressive designs ,,
    truely inspiring ,,
    soon i will discuss my work with you ,, will be good to develope learning from you ,, all kudos friend

  15. HI Miro. I went to Cov also and have watched your skills and career progress and am very impressed! I have a website selling art materials to students all over the uk. I will be putting a link to this blog on the site and be grateful if you could do the same wih mine. Any questions then just email me at Cheers!

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