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Concept ArtHere we are with some fun stuff. We always have fun looking at our old drawings made long time ago. It’s quite intriguing trying to recall what inspired you back in the time..

I remember when I was a small kid and watched “Back To the Future”. I hardly understood what happened in the movie, but the Delorean car made such an impact on my childish & innocent mind that I carried out sketching it for weeks. As early as my memory goes (4-5 ears old…or even earlier) I’ve always sketched cars – anywhere, anytime at any place I find appropriate. Unfortunately I don’t have all my kids drawings with me, but for the ones I got my hands on I’ll do my best to share!

Let’s start then…

Concept Art

Concept Art

I think I was something like 6 when making this crazy stuff! I remember doing a lot of these. Even at this age I was a non-stop sketcher. The top-right pencil sketch on the bottom page should be Ford Sierra 2 doors, I was not totally happy with this car and wanted to show Ford how to do it! By the way…notice the good proportions on the bottom left sketch – with the blue roof! Stunning!
Where is Ryan Church, I have something to show him! It’s a shame I didn’t sell the ideas of the spaceships to George Lucas! I could have been a millionaire by now!


14 years old.
Oh yes! Ferrari has always been my passion, still is and will always be! 90% of my posters in the room were Ferrari cars. I used water-color pencils…what a mistake! You can see the bad result on the Cavallino, it looks more like a prancing goat instead of a horse…


15 years old.
Proper design sketch, don’t you think? I remember the night when this one came up, I stayed till 4 AM and made a bunch of sketches. Don’t ask me how I got up for school the next morning.




16 years old.
3 year after I set myself a goal to become a car designer. At this time of my life it wasn’t really clear if I will ever make it or not. There was a huge chance I am 70 years old one day and say: “This was from the time when I dreamed of being a car designer”. I had tough times and I didn’t gave up…and never stopped sketching.
The top A4 sketch of Alfa Roneo was something I was capable of doing while having school lessons (well I’ve always sketched while having school lessons).
The Ferrari Testarossa II – my pride and joy! These two drawings took me 3 weeks to complete. They are made with graphic pencils and one red Koh-I-Noor pencil. I still keep them….somewhere.

BMW 2o2o

Aston Martin

Aston Martin

18 years old.
Almost a year before going to Coventry University to study car design. These sketches and more like them were part of my portfolio work that I presented at the interview in Coventry University. All these years staying till early morning to sketch cars finally paid of – I was accepted in the 2nd year of the transportation design course! Tell me about it!


19 years old.
Chilling out with Citroens! It was summer time and I was heading towards my first year in Coventry University. I kept on sketching during the summer…I couldn’t wait to get on with it!

Car Pods Sketchpage


19 years old.
These two were made in my first days at Coventry. The old habit of staying till late and improving (this time Photoshop skills) was still alive. The side profile of the BMW you see was made when I was 17, however…now was the time to make it in Photoshop! Big time fight with this 72dpi resolution, all in one layer, why the hell you need layers, right? And of course – the mandatory thing for every beginner in Photoshop – Lens Flare!!!


  1. wow, i´m a spanish boy, im 15 and i love drawing cars… im near to your first draw with perspective but i cant colour them… im so bad T_T

  2. hey man,pretty sweet drawings….i was hoping you could help me out with some drawings of my own…any chance of that?cheers

  3. wow I cant belive it! I too sketch while being in school lessons – in fact – my best ideas and quick sketches are born during lessons. and 2nd wow – if I compare your design steps with mine (until now, 16 years) its almost the same. First, I had problems with perspective, then problems with coloring and shading (still have some of them)then this and then that….

  4. I like to draw cars, my father taught me how to draw them from a left-upwards perspective and I am preety good at it. I don’t know how to colour them, through…

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